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How long since you’ve visited Juarez Mexico?

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Some destinations like Juarez, remain in the collective mind as distant and surreal because visitors keep travelling to trendy beach destinations and other ones that are considered more fashionable. But for those who choose to explore, we usually find real treasures that surprise us.

7 years ago, it happened to me, I haven’t forgotten yet the doubts that I felt to travel to Juárez Mexico for the first time with tourism purposes. Then and now, I have been able to witness several changes, the development as a tourist destination, but now I return at every opportunity, with expectations.

Juan Luis Moncada
Juarez Downtwon

First, this is a destination with full and strategic air connectivity and affordable rates. Either you´re travelling to El Paso by the El Paso International Airport or you take a Mexican flight with the The Abraham González International airport, located in Juárez, that has been the first to obtain the international Safety & Healthy certification, granted by the Mexican Council of the Medical Tourism Industry CMITM.

An evolving destination with training

The change in the attitude of cab service drivers is for the better. Now they don’t ask you what are you doing in Juarez? They receive you with a smile and share entertainment options, restaurants, activities in the desert, museums, and more. Their tourist awareness has increased a lot. Besides the city was also opened to transfer services by mobile apps, so you can use typical transportation apps such as uber in the destination.

Juarez Mexico
Central Park

The hotels offer competitive rates versus other cities in the country with full service to business travelers, so you will find highly effective service and courtesy amenities like short-distance transportation to international bridges, to the American Consulate or industrial parks with prior reservation.

The variety in nightclubs and restaurants has also increased significantly, prove on that is the #FronteraGastronomica movement bespoke at the national level. I have to admit, as soon as I get there, I’m asking if there is a new hot spot restaurant, without forgetting the local bites, keeping an eye on the street food mood.

Juan Gabriel
Juan Gabriel Mexican songwriter route

If you decide to come to Juárez, you will enjoy incredible photoshoots in the Samalayuca desert and other nice experiences such as exploring La Rodadora Museum, one of the biggest interactive museums in Latin America, walking in Downtown Juárez and finding the old Mayor Building with a beautiful volcanic dark stone façade and enjoy the history of the place. Please don’t forget to visit The Binational Park El Chamizal, in which, you will find a renewed Museum Site.

All this before a night out starting at the Pocket’s Bar or the legendary Kentucky Bar watching a sports game, listening to mariachi live music, and enjoying a live Mexican show at the Viva México Restaurant.

I’m thinking about living my bucketlist routes like the Night Tour and the Myths and Legends Tour on board of the Turibus Juarez. I want to return to the Casa de Adobe Museum witness of main episodes of the Mexican Revolution history. I want to follow the line of Mexican comedian Tin Tán as I have done with the Mexican songwriter Juan Gabriel route.

Juarez Mexico
Sculpture of Tin Tan, Mexican comedy icon

Juárez is history, and it is irrefutable innovation. I already know about the new building dedicated to the research of artificial intelligence in the border, and I want to know more about it. Juárez is for some a gray city because of the industrial parks and factories, even it was for me, but I was wrong.

It turns out that Juárez is a city that surprises you because it is vibrant, colorful, and dynamic border that smiles at you during the day. And invites you to cheer at night the same way with Mexicans as with Venezuelans, Taiwanese, and Pasoans in a bar just feets away from the international bridge, or at the Bar El Recoveco singing with Luis Angel, Juan Gabriel impersonator.

This is a resilient city

This is a resilient city. On my first trip with the camera on my neck and eating a burrito at the local El Centenario. A little group of Juarenses asked me to tell everyone who would listen or read to me that Juárez is alive, Juárez is a fantastic place, that Juárez always waits for you and then I made the promise to do that and come back to Juárez soon.

I can’t wait to come back in a few weeks to enjoy the border that today unites the people with a Bravos soccer game, Juárez professional soccer team or with the recent launching of the city, the Raramuris, a professional Football team.

Juarez Mexico
Casa de Adobe Museum

Juarez keeps moving, the city is receiving foreign investments such as the ones made by BRP or Lexmark or the latest investment of Amazon in the border sister city, El Paso. Even the community invests in their own community like the recent project Kitchens MX created by Chef Oscar Herrera. This is the first incubator for startups restaurants in the region, designed to support Chefs and cookers who fight against the COVID pandemic.

Juárez is going for more, for better and better, it will be a pleasure to continue sharing their good news…

For more information or inspection on site, click on: http://visitajuarez.com/

Juan Luis Moncada O.
Juan Luis Moncada O.
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